Corporate Social Responsiblity

You give a little more ... and get so much in return

Cocorico Déco offers not only colorful and beautiful designs. We do it with our heart and with a sense of social responsibility.

Choosing safe alternatives for the consumers

For your and your children's safety, our rugs are made ​​entirely without the use of harmful AZO dyes.

AZO dyes are known cancer-and allergy-causing agents, and are also suspected to be a contributing factor to ADHD through skin contact. Banned in clothes these substances are surprisingly and regrettably not prohibited in rugs, cushions, blankets or other home textiles. They are in fact widely used in these products with all the inherent risks for the health of both consumers and manufacturing staff. Read more about AZO dyes here.

I have learned that rules and regulations sometimes are difficult to grasp and rather permissive. Surely something could be done. That's what we thought anyway when deciding that all our rugs would be produced using 100% AZO-free dyes. My 3 kids and hopefully many other consumers will be able to lay or play on safer carpets. I am of course aware that my views make very little difference in a larger perspective, however I feel a difference can be made and ought to be made.

Supporting local projects in the production regions

Cocorico Déco wants to support local and concrete charitable projects carefully selected in production countries such as India.

While visiting New Delhi for business, one of my danish friends introduced me to Nai-Disha and took me through a trully moving and eye-opening journey which somehow changed my perspective. Nai-Disha is a local NGO working hard at providing free access to education for hundreds of children living in slum-areas under extreme poverty conditions. These children get the rare opportunity of starting an education with a better chance in life for both themselves and their familly. Besides schooling, children of Nai Disha are garanteed 1 nutritious meal every day, 2 school uniforms per year, as well as better access to medical care. It was an indulging experience to witness the results of the daily work of Sanjeeta and her dedicated helpers.

Cocorico Déco wish to generate a commercial success that will in turn enable us to support Nai Disha's activities and hopefully also to gradually increase our contribution.