COCORICO proposes original and exclusive wall art with an urban conceptual edge


About me – the man behind

My name is Fred. Call me an artist if you will, a designer, a photographer, a businessman, or even a handy man. It really doesn't matter. I try to give my best shot at every one of these categories. What encapsulates me is boundless creativity, sheer curiosity, and eclectic sources of inspiration. I have a true passion for contemporary and conceptual Art as well as for graphic design, photography, sculpture, ceramics, street Art, architecture, furniture design, …

I am ½ French, ½ Swedish, and I originally come from Paris. I have lived places like Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and travelled the world. I love the rough urban edges and the ethnicity inherent to big cities such as New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam … There is an overwhelming near tactile feel to the city and it has been part of my cultural DNA for as long as I can remember. I admire the many colors, contrasts and textures which account for much of my artistic sensibility.

I have worked many jobs in my career, from working shifts at top luxury hotels in Paris to being Sales & Marketing Director for Tech companies in Copenhagen, or to pursue life as a designer/artist and business owner. What can I say? I am for sure a man of many interests. I embraced some opportunities and declined others - regretfully at times, for example when my all-time favorite returning hotel guest - and world-renowned photographer - Helmut Newton offered me in 94 to become his assistant - a position anyone would have killed for. I sometimes still wonder: How could I ever turn this one down? :)