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farvestuff is a new danish brand producing modern and cool urban designs for a discerning, youthfull audience.

Simple graphics, great esthetics, and conceptual depth are all important ingredients in farvestuff designs.


”'MORNING LOVE-'EVENING HON'”  Print 60X80cm                                                       ***

”ICON OF PHOTOGRAPHY”  Print 60X80cm & 30X40cm                                                       ***

”WTF - WHAT THE FUCK”  Print 50x70cm                                                       ***  ”SPIRIT OF NORDIC DESIGN”  Print 50x70cm                                                      ***”COSMOPOLITAN METRO MAP”  Print 50x70cm                                                 ***”LE BOEUF”  Print 40x30cm                                                                              ***”SOHO, NYC”  Print 50x70cm                                                                           ***”CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SOMETHING” Print 30x40cm                                                                                                          ***”KØBENHAVN”Print 30x30cm                                                                          *** "ASHBURY & HAIGHT 1967"Print 30x40cm                                                     *** "THE BEEF - AMERICAN CUT"Print 40x30cm                                                   *** "WHAT THE FUCK II"Print 30x40                                                                       *** "WINE BOTTLE - WEAPON OF MASS DEGUSTATION"






Swedens leading premium furniture & interior stores hold farvestuff
Svenssons i Lammhult, renowned stores now hold Farvestuff's prints in all their stores as well as online :)

farvestuff designs on display at Northmodern in Copenhagen

Some of our prints featured at the Northmodern trade show in Bella Center.

farvestuff is now on Facebook

It was bound to happen. We like happy customers and getting more of them is part of the game. We give in and expose ourselves to the masses, hoping that they will embrace our designs ;)

farvestuff designs featured at HOMI in Milano

MVH recently featured all of farvestuff prints at the Italian HOMI tradeshow. Our designs will also be on display at MVH's new showroom in Milano

Danish magazine IN displays farvestuff print.

We have been told that IN recently featured our "WTF - WHAT THE FUCK" print. Great! We just love generating buzz

Danish magazine FEMINA showcases farvestuff print.

farvestuff print design "WTF - WHAT THE FUCK" is displayed and gets positive critic in the latest FEMINA. Twice in 3 weeks :) Many thx FEMINA!


DesignTrade: Thanks for a great show! 

Cocorico Déco participated to DesignTrade, presenting our new brand: farvestuff

The show was a definite successs and our farvestuff prints somehow catched the visitors attention. Customers and press from various countries visited our stand showing a special interest for our crisp and urban print designs.


Danish magazine FEMINA showcases 2 farvestuff prints. 

farvestuff print designs "SPIRIT OF NORDIC DESIGN" and "COSMOPOLITAN METRO MAP" are both displayed in the latest FEMINA.


MVH to represent farvestuff on the Italian market.  

farvestuff will, from September, work with the well-established company MVH. MVH is specialized in nordic design and carries a series of renowned Danish brands in Italy and Switzerland. We look forward to a great collaboration